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Quanzhou Marionette Troupe established in1952, is the main inheritor of Quanzhou Marionette Drama. Since its establishment, lots of dramas have been created and it has given performance in about 50 countries and regions in the world. By presenting the myth drama Shui Man Jin Shan and the children’s play Harvest Celebration, the group second-class award (which does not have the first-class award) and a silver medal were acquired in the 2nd International Puppet Festival in Romania. The myth drama the Mountain of Flames and the children’s play Qian Tao Yan were performed in Beijing in celebration of China’s 30th anniversary and won the first-class award for performance and the third-class award for original creation respectively. The children’s play A Greedy Cat was invited to perform in the National Puppet & Shadow Puppet Performance in Beijing and was awarded by the Ministry of Culture; the myth drama Taiji Figure won Puppet Show Renovation Award in the 17th Fujian Theatrical Performance and was invited to participate in the 1st China Art Festival; the myth Splitting the Hill to Rescue Mother, and the playlets Monkey Training, Drunk Zhong Kui, and Lion Dance were performed in the National Puppet & Shadow Puppet Performance in Beijing and won Excellent Drama Award, Excellent Performance Award, and other awards. The international famous puppet master Huang Yique won Special Honor Award of the Ministry of Culture and the first prize of Hundred Flowers Literature & Arts of Fujian; the children’s play Xiao Hei and Xiao Jin Encounter Difficulties won many awards including performance award in the 21st Fujian Theatrical Performance; the modern drama Fu Yan Dou Jiu Shan, the musical drama the Happy Lantern Festival, and the children’s play Qian Tao Yan were performed in the 32nd International Puppet Competition in Croatia, and won the highest award—Group Honor Award. It has won Maribor Arts Festival Award in Slovenia. In 2002, Gu Yi Xin Zi Huo Kui Lei won the 10th Wenhua New Drama Award, Puppet Performance Award, and Puppet Creating Award. In 2003, the large classical satirical comedy Imperial Commissioner won gold award, screenplay award, director award, model design award and three performance awards in the 2nd National Puppet & Shadow Puppet Competition, a part of Golden Lion Prize Competition. In 2004, Imperial Commissioner was invited to participate in the 7th China Art Festival and won the 11th Wenhua New Drama Award, Wenhua Group Performance Award, Wenhua Screenplay Award and Wenhua Director Award. Afterwards, Imperial Commissioner was selected as 2004-2005 Nominated Drama of the National Outstanding Stage Art Project, and 2005-2006 Nominated Drama of the National Outstanding Stage Art Project. In October 2009, the myth drama the Mountain of Flames won the first national excellent repertoire award of the Ministry of Culture. 

In addition, the troupe had been invited to Beijing for several times to take part in national performance, and the important art activities organized by CCTV, such as “Zong Yi Da Guan” and “Spring Festival Evening Show”. Meanwhile, the troupe has given performance in more than 50 countries and regions for over 150 times, and won prizes in the international art festival and competition. In 2005, it was invited to participate in 2005 China’s Spring Festival Show held in UN Headquarters. In 2007, it participated in China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Festival held in UNESCO headquarters in Paris. On August 8th, 2008, Quanzhou Marionette Troupe displayed the Chinese marionette show in the art performance of the opening ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games to over 4 billion televiewers in the world. In October 2009, the troupe was invited to give performance in the opening ceremony of China Art Festival in the world-famous art center—Carnegie Hall. In November 2009, it participated in Europalia-China Arts Festival in Belgium National Theatre. Meanwhile, it won the contribution award of people’s friendship of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.


Quanzhou Marionette Show is the puppet show with the longest history and the richest cultural heritage and artistic accumulation as well as the precious model and representative of the Chinese string puppet. In 2002, Quanzhou Marionette Show, Kunqu opera and other eight projects were listed into the traditional folk performing arts database by Asia Pacific Cultural Center of UN, which were recommended by Chinese National Academy of Arts. In 2005, Quanzhou Marionette Troupe was awarded South-South Cooperation Network Puppet Art Project Demonstration Base by UN South-South Cooperation Network Demonstration Base. In October 2005, Quanzhou Marionette Troupe was awarded “The National Advanced Group in Cultural Work” by the ministry of personnel and the ministry of culture. In 2006, Quanzhou Marionette Show was included in China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection List. In June 2007, it was awarded “Cultural Heritage Day” by the ministry of culture. In November 2008, it was awarded “Southern Fujian Cultural Ecology Conservation Area” and “The Third Group of Demonstration Bases of Fujian Culture Industry Demonstration Base” by Fujian Provincial Bureau of Culture. In January 2009, it was awarded “Art Communication Experimental Base” by China Center of UNIMA of UNESCO, and China Puppet & Shadow Puppet Art Society.

Personnel Introduction

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