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Zhuang Lie

Zhuang Li'e, a national second-class performer. Member of China Puppet Shadow Puppet Society, member of Fujian Dramatists Association, Quanzhou high-level talent.

Participated in many large-scale puppet performances, and participated in major cultural exchange performances at home and abroad with the troupe for many times. The programs of his creation and performance by manipulating a 5.2-meter-long marionette to write calligraphy and breaking the Guinness World Record (Guinness? Proofreading is accurate) include: "Evening Poetry" in the 7th Chinese Puppet Shadow Puppet Young and Middle-aged Skills Inheritance Exhibition Won the "Best Skills Inheritance" award from the "UNESCO China Center of the International Wood Union and the Asia Pacific Committee of the UNESCO International Wood Union"; "Four Seasons" participated in the 14th Fujian Provincial Drama Daffodils Competition Won the "First Prize for Performance"; the puppet drama "Chang'e Flying to the Moon", etc.

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