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Wu Weihong

Wu Weihong, national second-class actor and stage designer. Provincial representative inheritor of intangible cultural heritage. It combines Quanzhou marionette performance and helmet making skills. The puppet helmets and hats produced by him are active in world-class performance platforms such as the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games and the "Chinese Spring Festival Gala" at the United Nations Headquarters. His works have been permanently collected by Waseda University in Japan and Fujian-Taiwan Museum in China.

He has won numerous awards over the past 44 years. He has won the Golden Lion Award for "Excellent Performance" in the first National Puppet Shadow Play Competition; "The 11th Wenhua New Play Award", "Wenhua Group Performance Award"; "National Stage Excellent Play"; Golden Lion Award "Excellent Performance Award" in the 2nd National Puppet Shadow Puppet Young and Middle-aged Actor Skill Competition; "First Prize" in the 25th Fujian Provincial Drama Festival and the 31st Quanzhou Drama Festival; the 5th Shanghai Drama Festival International Puppet Festival "Performance Award", visiting more than 50 countries on five continents.

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