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Wang Jingxian

Wang Jingxian is a national first-class screenwriter. Special allowance expert of the State Council. Vice Chairman of the China Center of the International Puppet Federation, Director of the Puppet Professional Committee of the Fujian Dramatists Association, President of the Fujian Wuyi Drama Society, Vice Chairman of the Quanzhou History and Culture Center, Quanzhou Marionette Show Protection and Inheritance Center (Quanzhou Puppet Theatre Troupe) ) Honorary Head and Artistic Director. There have been performances and publications in the plays "Such a Good Opportunity", "Upside Down the World", "Gaopingguan", "Man and the Monkey", "The Imperial Commissioner", "The Orphan of the Zhao Family", "Lu Junyi", "Butterfly from the Barrier Window", "Peach Blossom Mountain", "Legend of Little King Kong", etc. , and won awards at home and abroad. There are monographs "Knowing the Universe - Wonderful Puppet Show" (first author), "Quanzhou Marionette Show" (cooperation), "Quanzhou Puppet Show" (personal monograph) and other publications.

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