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Elite Show
《Marionette Brings Luck》
In this episode, the rare and unique musical instrument the Foot Pressed Drum is used to play the Kui Lei Tune. This is another auspicious show that represents the charm of Quanzhou marionette show.
《 Little Monk 》
The little monk is lazy and he often neglects to say his daily prayers. When it’s time for him to go down the mountain, he begins to feel a little unsure of himself. While he walks, the weather change
《 Drunken Zhong Kui 》
Zhong Kui is a scholar with great talent but not good looking. He fails the imperial examination merely because of his ugliness. In a rage, he suicides himself then appointed the title Master Demon Ch
《 Taming the Monkey 》
Puppeteer and puppet performing on the same stage! Strings passes the heart to heart and mind to mind communication between the puppeteer and puppet. The meaning of life interpreted through this remar
《 Monkey King and the White Bone Demon 》
This is an excerption from the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. The White Bone Demon disguises herself in to 3 different apperances: a young girl, the girl’s father and mother.
《 Ruo Lan’s Journey 》
The performance Rou Lan’s Journey is an excerpt from an ancient marionette play. The story depicts the scenario when Rou Lan is on the way to find her husband. The delicacy of the manipulation and the
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