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Lin Congpeng

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Lin Congpeng

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Lin Congpeng, male, born in September 1964 in Quanzhou, Fujian province. National representative of the intangible cultural heritage project inheritor (Quanzhou puppet show). 1978 started in Quanzhou puppet class of Fujian art school and graduated from Quanzhou Puppet Troupe in 1983.

As the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, its inheritance pedigree is:

Quanzhou's famous puppet carving workshop in the Qing Dynasty: "West Lai Yi" Zhou Guan, Lin Congquan, who is now a member of the Fujian Academy of painting.

The carvings of the Quanzhou marionette head are always accompanied by the art of puppet carvings in Quanzhou. From the end of the Tang Dynasty to the end of the Tang Dynasty, the art of puppet sculpture has been popular in the Quanzhou area. After thousands of years of inheritance, the art of carvings of the puppets of Quanzhou, represented by Jiangjia master in the late Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the early Republic of the Qing Dynasty, has been passed to the sea at home and abroad. Quanzhou even head sculpture and ancient Buddha sculpture have a profound origin, unique style of Tang Song, Quanzhou traditional line puppet modeling, mainly according to the requirements of the role of the line, there are nearly 100 kinds, and divided into "dead head" or "live head", and contains various types of hands and feet. From material selection to "rough billet" carving, polished and pastel, there is a complete and elaborate carving and making process. The knife is clean, with clear bones and strong muscles.

Lin Congpeng, as the main artist of the troupe's puppet head, has been studying and practicing for more than 30 years. It is a complete inheritance and mastery of the carvings and the craftsmanship of the Quanzhou marionette. The works are used by a large number of traditional operas and creative repertoire. And visited five continents, forty countries and regions. The sculpture and art standard I have passed are widely recognized and praised by the society. The main manifestation is as follows:

A large number of puppet works have been engraved to save the traditional repertoire such as "the mother to save the mother", "the golden hill", "three dozen white bones" and "the Flaming Mountains", "the Tai Chi", "the man and the monkey" and "the chancellor". "Flaming Mountains" is the first large-scale design and production of Lin Congpeng's first stage of art. Repertoire, the play was introduced in 1979 to Jin Jing to participate in the 30th anniversary performance of the founding of the people's Republic of China. In September 2009, "Flaming Mountains" was awarded the most important award by the Ministry of culture, the excellent repertory prize.

And the puppet opera "the chancellor" is a large work done by Lin Congpeng when he is increasingly mature in art. Since its creation in 2003, the opera has won many awards from the "Golden Lion" and "Eleventh literary awards" by the Ministry of culture. At the end of September 2009, the Fujian provincial government commended the Ministry of propaganda and the Ministry of culture. Jin Jing took part in "the 60th anniversary tribute performance of People's Republic of China." He went to Taiwan, Singapore and Hongkong to attend the performance of "China Russia cultural year". For many years, it has been flourishing and has been well received by domestic and foreign audiences, experts and scholars. In addition to praising the skills of the actors, he has also highly commended the superb achievements of the carving techniques of the puppet heads in Quanzhou.

From the start of the 2002 classic puppet show, "the new puppet of the ancient art," Lin Congpeng participated in the drama creation. And independently designed and participated in the production of all the puppet images of the play. The drama was awarded the "Tenth Wenhua New Drama Awards" and the "Wenhua Stage Art Award" and "Wenhua performance award" by the Ministry of culture in October 2002. In 2003, he was awarded two prizes by the Fujian Provincial People's government. It is particularly worth mentioning that in 2005, the series was invited to hold "the United Nations Chinese New Year's evening party" at United Nations Headquarters in the United States, and to the Carnegie Concert Hall of the United States in 2009 as the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the festival of ancient and modern - celebrating Chinese culture. In 2008, "four will be opened" in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, to show the world's 4 billion TV audience the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and the art flower of the Quanzhou marionette.