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Solemn statement

2012/08/25 19:13
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Solemn statement of the Quanzhou Puppet Troupe on safeguarding the copyright rights and interests of the group's creation and performance works

Quanzhou Puppet Troupe, as the main inheritance of puppet opera in Quanzhou, was founded in 1952. Since the establishment of the group in 1952, a large number of puppet plays and programs have been created. According to the provisions of the copyright law of People's Republic of China, our group is the legal copyright owner of these works, and is protected by law by law. In the near future, our group has found that individual units and individuals, without permission from our group, use the copyright works of our group without authorization, which seriously affects the business and artistic reputation of our group, and constitutes a tort. In order to protect the copyright of our works and the rights related to copyright, and to encourage inheritance and innovation, our delegation solemnly declares that any infringement of the copyrighted repertoire of our regiment without our permission or in the name of our group will be pursued by the relevant laws and regulations. The registration number of our classical dramas, which has been produced and won numerous awards, is announced as follows:

1. "Xiao Sha min downhill" (work registration number: 13-2012-D-00000798)

2. "monkey" (work registration number: 13-2012-D-00000793)

3. "Zhong Kui drunkenness" (work registration number: 13-2012-D-00000796)

4. "youth dream" (work registration number: 13-2012-D-00000800)

5. "Jordan orchid" (work registration number: 13-2012-D-00000797)

6. "three dozen white bones" (work registration number: 13-2012-D-00000795)

7. "Jia Li Xian Rui" (work registration number: 13-2012-D-00000799)

8. "Lantern Festival Music" (work registration number: 13-2012-D-00000794)

This is hereby declared!

Quanzhou Puppet Troupe

January 1, 2013

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